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Hamburg Harbour

Alumni Week 25.-29.06.
(Travel stipends available for Alumni from abroad)


International Hamburg Forum for Ethics in Natural Sciences

25-29th June 2018

at the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg/Germany

Have you spent some time at our Institute as a researcher or a participant in our fellowship programmes and courses? Do you want to return to our Institute to reconnect with other affiliates, people you know and people you may want to meet?

Then we invite you to become a member of our Alumni network and apply to our 1st BNITM Alumni Symposium in Hamburg, with an Alumni week (limited number of participants) from 25-29th June 2018 and an Alumni day on the 29th June 2018 (open for all registered Alumni).

Registration to the BNITM Alumni Network

Due to the high level of specialisation modern science has reached, most of us usually work in very focused and highly specialised areas of research. We now want to offer an opportunity to leave the “molecular level” and encourage thinking in broader terms. During this week we want to give you an opportunity to engage in topics and questions that reach beyond your classical area of expertise. Reflect about what drives and defines the destiny of humankind! Think big on BIG QUESTIONS!

The forum will be part panel-based but also explicitly supports innovative formats that will encourage effective communication and lively dialogue, and audience involvement.

Alumni Day 29.06.
(Open for all Alumni)


Further information will follow.


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