T-Shirt Collection

T-shirts may be purchased by ordering through the secretariat (vdf(a)bnitm.de) or directly at the front desk of the institute. Sales proceeds are being used to support young scientists of the institute.

Motif Blood Mosquito
Jede Minute stirbt ein Kind an Malaria www.bnitm.de

Motif: Blood Mosquito

White T-Shirt, red, black
for women and men

15,- €

Motif: Horror Mosquito

Design: Robert Marggraff

15,- €

Black T-Shirt, green, red
for women and men

15,- €

Tank-Top, brown, orange, (women only)

15,- €



Motif: Tropical Hamburg
Design: Barbara Ferrando

navy, beige 

15,- €

Motif: Mosquito
Design: Claudia & Robert Marggraff 

15,- €

T-Shirt: 100% cotton, ca. 170g/m2

Women's Shirts: slightly fitted, S-XXL

Classic Shirts: S-XXL

We would like to mention that the shirts, especially those for women, are rather small for their size. In case of doubt please order the larger size.

Shirts may be purchased by orders via e-mail to the VdF-secretariat or directly at the front desk of the institute.

Additionally, you will be charged a lump sum of 3,00 Euro for the delivery of 1-3 T-shirts.

Shirts around the world


Ken Follett, novelist, described fictional filovirus Madoba 2 in his bestselling novel "Whiteout", Pan McMillan Ltd, 2004

Frank Schätzing, novelist and author of the bestselling novel "The Swarm" (published by Hodder and Stoughton, May 2006). [July 2007]


Alan Cowman is currently the head of the Department of Infection and Immunity at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia. He was named an Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Research Scholar in 1992, 2000, and 2005. The main research objectives of his laboratory are to understand how the malaria parasite infects humans and to analyze the molecular mechanisms it uses to evade host immune responses.

Vincent Deubel, virologist, was appointed director of the newly founded Institute Pasteur Shanghai in 2004. He published more than 100 papers on tropical virus research and was awarded the Bernhard Nocht Medal for merits in tropical diseases research in 2005.

Henk Stunnenberg is full professor and head of the Department of Molecular Biology at the Molecular Life Science Center at the Radboud University Nijmegen and a member of EMBO. His main research interest is the investigation of the molecular basis of cell behaviour emanating from the genetic and epigenetic code contained in the nucleus in the context of health and disease. The major focus is on the regulation of transcription in mammals, as well as Plasmodium falciparum, the causative agent of malaria.

Seoul, Korea
Florian Marks (Best Thesis Award 2005), now Postdoc at the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Entomologist Andreas Krüger visiting former BNITM member Finn Zedler (now representative of Qiagen Hamburg in Kuala Lumpur).

Zhuhai, China
Natalie Domagalski (former public relations BNITM) and Ulrike Dammann


Shirts around the world

September 2007

Dr. Kristin Denzer and her biomedical students at the University Medical Centre Utrecht.

Shirts around the world

September 2007

Deerfield Beach, Florida
Little Jo` Lynn (9) lives with her family in the Tropic Isle Beach Resort in Deerfield Beach, Florida. She is fashion addict!

Shirts around the world

August 2007

Peking, China
Moritz Treeck is a PhD student and works in the Research Group Gilberger (Malaria II). He studied biology at the University of Hamburg.

Faces of BNITM

Juli 2007
Anna is a PhD student from Guatemala and works in the Research Group Gilberger (Malaria II). She holds a scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Faces of BNITM

Juni 2007
Agogo, Ghana
Robin, staff scientist in the Research Group May (Infection Epidemiology) is involved in studies on childhood malaria at the Presbyterian Hospital in Agogo, Ghana.

Shirts around the world

Juni 2007
Sri Lanka
Cinematographer Joachim Krugmann.



Faces of BNITM

Winners of the design contest presenting their shirts

Andreas Krüger, Claudia and Robert Marggraf




Customers are welcome to join the gallery - send us a picture of you and your shirt!


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