Every year, the Association of Friends awards two doctoral prizes for the best dissertation from the BNITM in the natural sciences and medicine. After an Institute-wide call for entries, the applications are commented on by the heads of the departments or working groups concerned and forwarded to members of a Scientific Advisory Board of the Friends of the BNITM, who make the selection as an independent body. The prizes, each endowed with € 1,000, are presented to the winners in person at the general meeting of the Circle of Friends on the occasion of the annual summer festival.


On 28 June this year, Dr Franziska Muscate from the RG Protozoa Immunology and Dr Mirjam Groger from the Clinical Research Department (Prof. M. Ramharter) of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine received the "VdF Doctoral Award". Muscate received the experimental doctoral prize for her research results on immunology in malaria. The medical doctoral prize, was awarded to Groger, who worked on the therapy of malaria in Lambaréné, Gabon. The Association of Friends of the Tropical Institute (VdF) honoured the work of the two young scientists with the prize of 1,000 EUR each. In the historic lecture hall of the Institute, both gave an easy-to-understand insight into their dissertations, followed by the ceremonial awarding of the prize by VdF Board Chairman Manfred Schüller.

In 2018, Dr Nahla Metwally from the Department of Cellular Parasitology and Dr Jakob Birnbaum from the RG Malaria Cell Biology were delighted to receive the award for their respective outstanding dissertations.

Award of the VDF Doctoral Prize 2019 to Franziska Muscate
Franziska Muscate, Preisträgerin des experimentellen Promotionspreises mit Manfred Schüller, VdF-Vorstandsvorsitzender.
Award of the VDF Doctoral Prize 2019 to Mirjam Groger
Mirjam Groger, Preisträgerin des medizinischen Promotionspreises, mit Manfred Schüller, VdF-Vorstandsvorsitzender.
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