Tissue-Based Diagnostics

[Translation:] Hintergrund zum Erregernachweis im NRZ

The National Reference Centre (NRC) for Tropical Pathogens offers molecular detection of pathogens from tissues. Please contact the NRC by telephone or email (+49 (0)40 / 42818-211, labordiagnostik(at)bnitm.de) prior to sending such samples and provide patient information about country of residence, travel history, signs and symptoms of disease, organ involved, and laboratory data.

Please keep in mind that molecular testing for pathogens from tissues does not replace a histopathological examination and culture-based bacteriological and mycological investigations elsewhere (not offered at BNITM).

[Translate to english:] Auflistung der Infektionserreger
[Translate to english:] Erregernachweis im Gewebe: Mikroskopisch sichtbare Parasiten(bestandteile)  [links: Kopfanlagen des dreigliedrigen Hundebandwurms (Echninococcus granulosus);  mitte: Zungenwurm (Armillifer armillatus) Querschnitt;  rechts: Fadenwurm (Halicephalobus) im Gehirn]
[Translate to english:] Untersuchungs-Materialien

Samples that can be examined molecularly are

  • Non-fixed biopsies (in isotonic NaCl) for staining, classical parasitology (microscopy), and DNA detection by PCR
  • Formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks for sectioning, staining, microscopy, and DNA detection by PCR. Sensitivity of PCR from such material is lower than from unfixed or ethanol-fixed specimens.
  • Tissue sections on microscopic slides for staining, microscopy, and PCR
  • Extracted DNA for PCR
[Translate to english:] Hinweise
[Translate to english:] Mirkoskopische Ansicht von Infektionserregern der Labordiagnostik am BNITM: Bakterien, Parasiten, Viren, Würmer, etc.
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