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| 19.01.2015

Tiger Mosquito on german Motorways

Tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus (Photography: Andreas Krüger)
Tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus (Photography: Andreas Krüger)

In order to detect immigration into Germany early, we have carried out extensive monitoring measures with cooperation partners since April 2012. Mosquito traps have been set up at potential entry points like airports, railway stations, and motorways. We caught more than 40 specimens at motorway rest areas in both the last two years. They apparently originated in Italy and accompanied goods as unwitting passengers through Switzerland and Austria to Germany, because all of them were found on the main routes between Italy and Germany. More extensive monitoring and control measures are required to prevent colonisation and spread of Aedes albopictus in Germany because egg clutches and larvae were discovered in addition to the mature mosquitoes in 2013.


Becker N. et al., Parasitol Res 2013, 112:1787-1190

Egbert Tannich and external cooperation partners (see publication)

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