Good Scientific Practice

For the BNITM, the "Guideline on Good Scientific Practice" of the Leibniz Association is binding. On the other hand, the BNITM's internal "Service Agreement on Ensuring Good Scientific Practice and Dealing with Scientific Misconduct" applies.

In the event of conflicts regarding good scientific practice and questions regarding suspected scientific misconduct, employees can contact the ombudspersons of the BNITM or the Leibniz Association. The ombudspersons take care of information and inquiries independently and confidentially.

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Dr. Romy Kerber

Ombudsperson [BNITM]

Tel.: +49 40 42818-940
E-Mail: kerber(at)



Prof. Joachim Clos

Deputy Ombudsperson [BNITM]

Tel.: +49 40 42818-481 / 487
E-Mail: clos(at)
Raum: 012b