Dr. Eleonora SchönherrPress officePhone: +49 40 42818-269
Mail: presse(at)

Julia HäberleinPress officePhone: +49 40 42818-264
Mail: presse(at)

Dr. Sophie DuraffourAbt. VirologiePhone: +49 40 42818-641
Mail: duraffour(at)

Laboratory coordination team for the CEPI Enable program

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is funding the development of multiple Lassa vaccine candidates. The Enable program is the largest Lassa Fever study to date, created and funded by CEPI to gather detailed data about the incidence of Lassa virus infections in five West African endemic countries (Benin, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone) and to provide information for designing future vaccine trials and vaccination strategy, when appropriate vaccines become available. This program also helps to strengthen the capacity of trial sites and investigators to conduct vaccine trials and addresses several gaps identified in the World Health Organization (WHO) Lassa Fever Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap.

The Virology department of the BNITM is the laboratory coordinator of the CEPI Enable program with, in particular, the team composed of Dr. Sophie Duraffour, Dr. Giuditta Annibaldis, Dr. Ndapewa Ithete, Dr. Christine Jacobsen, and Dr. Nathalie Vielle providing key laboratory expertise for the successful implementation of this program. Together with other coordinating partners including P95, the Margan Clinical Research Organization (MMARCRO) and MSF Epicentre, the BNITM team supports nine implementing partner sites across these five countries with harmonized laboratory processes, ranging from sample collection to safe sample handling and further downstream analysis, trainings and quality assurance management tools.

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