Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Since 2011, the BNITM has set out its commitment to equal opportunities and the measures required to achieve this in an equal opportunities plan. As part of the Leibniz Association, the institute pursues the goals adopted by the DFG on "research-oriented equality standards". In particular, this is intended to significantly increase the proportion of women at all scientific career levels using a cascade model. For the BNITM, this means above all filling more management positions with women, as they are still underrepresented there. In the other employee groups, however, the institute already has a high proportion of women.

In 2021, a diversity policy or diversity plan will also be developed.

    Equal and Diversity Officers

    The Equality and Diversity Officers actively accompany the application of the principles laid down in the Hamburg Act on Equality of Women and Men in Public Service at BNITM. They promote and monitor protection against discrimination based on gender or gender identity as well as other diversity factors such as age, ethnicity, culture, skin color, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities at BNITM. They participate in personnel, organizational and social measures that affect the equality of women, men and minorities, the compatibility of family and employment, and protection against discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. They are responsible for the preparation of the Equality Plan and Diversity Plan and support the Board in the implementation of measures for the advancement of women and certification processes of the Institute for Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Family Friendliness. In addition, they advise BNITM employees on all matters relating to equality, diversity and the compatibility of family and career.

    The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officers are supported by the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Committee, consisting of representatives of the Human Resources Department, the Staff Council, the Board Staff, and the scientific and technical staff.

    Equal opportiunities

    The percentage of women who are at the beginning of their career at the BNITM amounts to 72% of PhD students and 66% of postdocs (as of 12/31/2019). Women in scientific leadership positions are still underrepresented at BNITM. The current gender equality plan intends to change that. The quota for women in leadership positions has been increased and should present 33% of women as department head and 47% in group and junior group eading positions by 2024.

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    Nadine Stetter

    Equal and Diversity Officer

    Tel.: +49 40 42818-244

    E-Mail: gleichstellung@bnitm.de

    Petra Eggert

    Equal and Diversity Deputy

    Tel.: +49 40 42818-494

    E-Mail: gleichstellung@bnitm.de

    Dr. Natalie Bergholz

    Equal and Diversity Deputy

    +49 40 42818-263

    E-Mail: gleichstellung@bnitm.de