AG Gesundheitsökonomie

AG Gesundheitsökonomie

Das Bild zeigt zwei Frauen, die in den Straßen von Monrovia, der Hauptstadt Liberias, spazieren gehen. Sie tragen bunte Tücher und haben Taschen auf dem Kopf. Im Hintergrund ist ein großes Straßenplakat zu sehen, das die Bürger von Monrovia dazu ermutigen soll, im Kampf gegen Ebola zu helfen.


Good health is a crucial part of wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people around the world – in particular the poor and other marginalized groups – still lack access to affordable and quality care. Challenges in health care access are particularly pronounced in countries in the tropics which continue to suffer a heavy burden of disease with governments facing problems in the provision of health services and rising health system costs.

Towards a more innovative, equal, and evidence-based vision for global health  

The Health Economics research group is dedicated to work on innovative, viable, and context-specific solutions to address global health challenges with a particular focus on tropical countries.