Methods for vector sampling and identification

Standardized techniques for vector sampling and identification are crucial to allow comparable data collection and subsequent analysis. We compare different traps for host-seeking and resting mosquitoes (e.g. Lühken et al. 2014, Sauer et al. 2020) or evalute subsampling methods for large mosquito samples (Jaworski et al. 2019). For vector identification, we develop both, molecular and morphometric tools, which also allow the identification of cryptic species (e.g. Culex pipiens pipiens vs. Culex torrentium or members of the Anopheles maculipennis complex) (e.g. Börstler et al. 2014, Lühken et al. 2016, Sauer et al. 2020).


You see the transparent wing of a mosquito lying sideways on glass.

BMBF Junior Research Group Lühken

Zu sehen ist Kopf und Oberkörper eines jungen Forschers, welcher freundlich zur Kamera lächelt. Er trägt ein grün-gelb kariertes Hemd.
Research Group Leader

Dr. Renke Lühken

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