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Hospital partnership, Tanzania

In many African countries, in particular those of sub-Saharan Africa, fever is still mainly associated with malaria. Fortunately, malaria diagnostics such as microscopy and rapid test are largely available, even in resource limited clinical settings. This is less true for differential diagnosis of other febrile illnesses such as for example those caused by bacteria that are potentially severe and for which specific treatment is required. Most hospitals in Tanzania do not offer such differential diagnosis and antibiotic susceptibility testing is not routinely carried out. As a result, empiric treatment is typically applied. This leads to overuse of antibiotics and treatment failures.
Within this project we aim at improving clinical and laboratory capacities in the field of differential diagnosis of febrile illnesses, other than malaria with a focus on bacteremia/sepsis. The objectives are to train personnel in the fields of clinical diagnostics and management of febrile illnesses including antibiotic stewardship and laboratory methods including antibiotic susceptibility testing.

In the long term the activities of this project will contribute to generate data on circulating antibiotic resistant bacteria within the Tanga region and will allow the hospital to produce its own annual report on nosocomial and community acquired AMR bacteria.



National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Tanga Tanzania

Bombo Regional Referral Hospital, Tanga, Tanzania

Korogwe District Hospital, Korogwe, Tanzania

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Research Group One-Health-Bakteriologie

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Dr. Denise Dekker

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