RG Leishmania Molecular Genetics

RG Leishmania Molecular Genetics

AG Leishmania Molekulargenetik: Zu sehen ist eine Gruppe Forscher:innen mit ihrem Forschungsleiter. Sie stehen als Team draußen in einem Garten bei einem Haus.


Leishmania parasites are the causative agents of diseases ranging from self-healing cutaneous lesions known as Oriental Sore to the lethal visceral leishmaniasis known as Kala-Azar. According to WHO figures, more than 12 million humans are currently infected, with 2 million new infections per year. Leishmaniasis exists in 88 countries on four continents and is a major, compounding complication in HIV infections. 

The parasites are unicellular microorganisms that are transmitted to mammals, including humans, by blood-feeding sandflies. They infect and destroy the macrophages of the mammalian immune systems, thereby causing varying forms of immune pathologies.


Research Group Leader

PD Dr. Joachim Clos

Telefon: +49 40 285380-481

E-Mail: clos@bnitm.de

RG Leishmania Molecular Genetics