EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective Hamburg

What is EDDi?

The plague, the Spanish flu, and COVID-19 - epidemics have always been part of human history and will continue to be a threat to global health in the future. At the same time, various actors in the public health sector are working together to counter infectious disease outbreaks and to track down their causes - real detective work! The Open Educational Resource EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective Hamburg brings this work to life by providing an interactive training resource, designed primarily for use in higher education, and tells the story of an outbreak of disease in Hamburg …

EDDi aims to introduce participants to real-world tasks and activities related to the detection and containment of disease outbreaks. To achieve this, a team of health scientists, epidemiologists, game designers, and developers, has created a hands-on educational scenario using game-based learning, which bridges the gap between theory and practice in a playful way.

Who is the target group of EDDi?

The primary target group are trainees in higher education (Bachelor, Master, PhD, advanced academic training) in the fields of health sciences, public health, epidemiology and medical science, but also other health care professions involved in e.g. outbreak investigation and control. In addition, EDDi allows individuals with an interest (and basic understanding) of infectious disease epidemiology and public health, but without a related educational profile, to experience outbreak investigation in a playful way and to explore infectious disease epidemiology.

How can I use EDDi?

EDDi is a modifiable Open Educational Resource (OER) and primarily addresses both trainees and lecturers in higher education. The OER comes in two formats:

Being an OER, the educational resource can be modified, further developed or used as a template for new case studies, provided that the license(s) used are complied with.

To get a glimpse into the back story, the team, and our motivation for EDDi, check out our podcast interview (German Only).
For more information on EDDi visit the Hamburg Open Online University


Contact partner institutions:

Prof. Dr. Ralf Reintjes (Focal Point Infectious Disease Epidemiology)
Department of Health Sciences, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Ralf Hebecker and Maik Helfrich (Focal Point Game Design)
GamesLab / Department of Media Technology, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Octofox Games UG (Focal Point Game Development)

Hamburg Open Online University at HAW Hamburg (Publisher/Funding Organization)


Funding Period 2020-2023
Funding Body Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU)
Informationskarte zum Lernspiel "Epidemic Disease Detectives". Abgebildet ist die Silhouette der Stadt Hamburg, in der ein mysteriöser Infektionsausbruch aufgetreten ist.
Visual teaser of EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective   ©BNITM l Juliane Boenecke (licensed under CC BY 4.0)
Information sheet on the game-based educational resource "Epidemic Disease Detective". It shows pictures from the learning materials (e.g. desk, group work, epidemiological statistics) and main characteristics of the educational resource.
Information sheet on the game-based educational resource "EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective"   ©BNITM l Juliane Boenecke (licensed under CC BY 4.0)

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