November 2022: The Health Economics Research Group (Dr. Jan Priebe, Dr. Kerstin Unfried, Maximilian Guigas, Cédric Mbavu) participated in the Leibniz Environment and Development Symposium (LEADS) hosted by the German Institute for Global and Area Studies. Please see the website of GIGA for further details: https://www.giga-hamburg.de/en.

October 2022: Dr. Kerstin Unfried was awarded the prestigious Add-on Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Economics by the Joachim Herz Foundation. Please visit the website of the Joachim Herz Foundation for additional information: https://www.joachim-herz-stiftung.de/en/

August 2022: Dr. Kerstin Unfried attended the GLOHRA field trip for early career researchers in Geneva organized by the Global Health Academy. Please see the website of the German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA) for further details: https://globalhealth.de/.  

June 2022: Various members of the Health Economics Research group participated at different conferences and workshops. Dr. Kerstin Unfried presented her work at the German Development Economics Conference (German Economic Association) and the annual conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Dr. Jan Priebe presented at the annual conference of the German society for Tropical Medicine.

April 2022: Dr. Jan Priebe joined the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (University of Hamburg) as an affiliate. Please see https://www.hche.uni-hamburg.de/en.html for further details. 

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