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Scientific Staff

Bild von Mine Altinli
Mine Altinli   ©Mine Altinli

Mine Altinli (-452)

Mine works on the project regarding MSV-arbovirus interaction, MSV-mosquito interaction and the antiviral RNAi response in mosquitoes.

picture of Mayke Lucks (Leggewie)
Mayke Leggewie

Mayke Leggewie (Lucks) (-452)

Mayke works on the project of her DZIF maternity re-entry grant with the topic:

Development of a live-attenuated vaccine candidate against Chikungunya virus.

Technical staff:

Picture of Marlis Badusche
Marlis Badusche

Marlis Badusche (- 452)

Bild von Bernhard Zibrat
Bernhard Zibrat

Bernhard Zibrat (- 452)


Photo from Andras
András Bencsik

András Bencsik (-473)

He works together with the group of Muñoz-Fontela (funded by the Joachim-Herz-Stiftung) on the project:

What role does the transmission by mosquitoes play in the course of an arbovirus infection?

Bild Swati Jagtap
Swati Jagtap

Swati Jagtap (-889)

She works on the project:

A study of interference of insect-specific viruses from Bunyavirales with rift valley fever virus (RVFV) and a comparative assessment of various RVFV transmission routes

Bild von Melinda Reuter
Melinda Reuter

Melinda Reuter

She works on the DFG funded project:

RNAi-based adaptive immunity in Aedes aegypti against arboviruses.

Picture of Sarah Gothe
Sarah Gothe

Sarah Gothe

She works on the Culifo3 (BMBL-financed) project:

Influence and molecular mechanisms of insect-specific viruses on (co)infection of arboviruses in Culex mosquitoes.

Picture of Philipp Böhmer
Philipp Böhmer

Philipp Böhmer

He works on the collaboartive project between our lab and the lab from Dr. Sarin Chimnarnok (Mahidol University, Thailand), funded by NSTDA-DFG:

Identification and characterisation of NS5-interacting factors involved in anti-flaviviral response in Aedes mosquito.

Svea Frank

She works on a collaborative project between our lab and INI-Research:

Adaptation, transmission and infection of West Nile virus in the mammalian host.

Students/ Visiting Students:

Bianca Weber (-452); University Hamburg


Research Group Mosquito-Virus-Interactions

Reserach Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Esther Schnettler

Telefon: +49 40 285380-208


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