AG Zoonosen

AG Zoonosen

Historic tissue samples by PCR and NGS
Scanning electron microscopy study of Rickettsia prowazekii.
Drawing of typhus nodule in the brain (left) and indirect immunofluorescence test with serum against Rickettsia typhi (right).


The research group is associated with the National Reference Centre for Tropical Pathogens and focuses on the diagnosis, epidemiology, and immunology of emerging zoonotic diseases. We investigate highly pathogenic bacterial infections (typhus group rickettsiosis, scrub typhus, Q fever, tularemia, and plague), zoonotic bornavirus encephalitis (BoDV-1 and VSBV-1 infections), and neglected tissue-invasive parasitic infections (muscular sarcocystosis, visceral pentastomiasis, and larval tapeworm infections).

Research Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Dennis Tappe

Telefon: +49 40 42818-499

Fax: +49 40 42818-252