Research Group Zoonoses

Research Group Zoonoses

Indirekte Immunfluoreszenz zur Darstellung von Anti-Bornavirus-Antikörpern in Serum und Liquor (links) sowie Immunhistologie für Virus-Antigen (rechts oben) und in situ-Hybridisierung für Virus-RNA (rechts unten).
Zu sehen ist ein typischer Eschar beim Zeckenbissfieber. auf der Haut sieht man einen schwarzen, ovalen Fleck, der von einem roten, mit sich pellender Haut umringt ist.
T. crassiceps


The research group is associated with the National Reference Centre for Tropical Pathogens and the Consiliary Laboratory for Bornaviruses and focuses on the diagnosis, epidemiology, and immunology of emerging zoonotic diseases.

We investigate zoonotic bornavirus encephalitis (BoDV-1 and VSBV-1 infections), arthropod-borne bacterial infections (rickettsioses, Q fever, tularemia), and neglected tissue-invasive parasitic infections (muscular sarcocystosis, visceral pentastomiasis, larval tapeworm infections). Laboratory tests are developed and validated for pathogen detection and subtyping from bodily fluids and tissues. Biomarker analyses are conducted in patient cohorts.

The photo shows a blond researcher dressed in a white shirt and dark blue jacket standing in front of a grey concrete wall. He smiles openly into the camera.
Research Group Leader

Prof. Dr Dennis Tappe

phone: +49 40 285380-499

fax: +49 40 42818-252


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