Early Warning System for Mosquito-borne Diseases (EWSMD) [2018-2021]

In this project, we will use the entomological, epidemiological, climatological and geographical data from Germany and Greece already available and/or to be produced by our partners, key actors in the field of pathogen detection and vector control in Europe, in order to develop a common Early Warning System for mosquito borne diseases to be implemented and evaluated in both countries. Substantial exchange of know-how and expertise will take place between two major research institutes in the field arbovirology and transfer to two Major mosquito control operators in Europe for operational purposes.
The project's objectives are: 1. Connecting major European actors in arbovirology and mosquito surveillance and control from Germany and Greece 2. Reanalyze the epidemiological data from the severe WNV epidemic in Northern Greece since 2010 and the USUV outbreaks in Germany since 2011 so as to prepare accordingly Germany and Greece against WNV, USUV and other arboviruses. 3. Identify high risk areas and critical time intervals for WNV and USUV circulation following modeling from entomological data and epidemiological data already produced by the partners during the last years and to be further developed for the years 2018 and 2019 (Lühken et al. 2017). 4. Provide good practices, innovative tools and methods for the control of container-breeding mosquitoes in urban settings, with special consideration of Culex pipiens and Aedes albopictus, which are the major European vectors for existing (USUV in Germany and WNV in Greece) and/or threatening (WNV for Germany, dengue, Chikungunya and Zika for both countries) mosquito-borne diseases. 5. Produce, update and make available this information to concerned Public Health Institutions and/or other bodies of both countries, a functional webGIS, in which the users will have the possibility to view, explore, query, and display the periodical risk maps of the Early Warning System for mosquito-borne diseases.

BMBF Junior Research Group Lühken

Dr. Renke Lühken: ein Forscher, der ein grün-gelb kariertes Hemd, kurze, dunkelblonde Haare und einen kurzen Bart trägt.
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Dr. Renke Lühken

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