Near-real time decision tool to response against emerging mosquito-borne diseases (NEED) [2020-2025]

Mosquito-borne viruses are an emerging threat in Central Europe, which are a major challenge for researchers, stakeholders and the overall health care system for humans and animals. Thus, there is an urgent need to develop an evidence-based decision tool helping to select a cost-effective reaction to the local transmission risk. These responses can be very different, e.g. surveillance strategies, vector control or vaccination, which are all associated with different costs and outcomes regarding pathogen control. Therefore, the objective of the here proposed project is the development of a ‘Near-real time decision tool to response against emerging mosquito-borne diseases’. Due to the quickly changing spatial-temporal pattern regarding emerging and re-emerging mosquito-borne viruses, model results are updated near-real time by combining remotely available biotic and abiotic data with statistical models. The results are presented in a rapidly updated website, which provide different modelling products showing the spatial-temporal distribution of mosquito vectors and risk of introduction/transmission of associated viruses. The combination with estimates on the costs for different response scenarios will inform a decision tool, allowing the selection of cost-effective measurements for detection, prevention and control of mosquito-borne viruses.

BMBF Junior Research Group Lühken

Dr. Renke Lühken: ein Forscher, der ein grün-gelb kariertes Hemd, kurze, dunkelblonde Haare und einen kurzen Bart trägt.
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Dr. Renke Lühken

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