Improving biosafety and biosecurity measures for the COVID-19 diagnostic in Madagascar – IBBM

IBBM is a project aimed at improving the local diagnostic COVID-19 diagnostic capacity of the CHU of Mahajanga. Mahajanga is located on the west-northern coast of Madagascar at more than 2 days travel distance from the capital city Antananarivo. There the most of the diagnostic activities are centralized in the capital and in order to better respond to the pandemic, a decentralized diagnostic frame is crucial. A diagnostic laboratory has been established but biosafety and biosecurity measures must be brought to higher quality standards. The overall objective of IBBM is to improve the biosafety and biosecurity measures at the COVID-19 diagnostic unit of the CHU of Mahajanga.

Partners: University of Mahajanga

@BNITM Dewi Ismajani Puradiredja - Eva Mertens - Ricardo Strauss (iTCB)


Federal Foreign Office (BfAA)


October 2020 - CLOSED

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IBBM - Biosafety and biosecurity training at the Centre Hospitalier of Mahajanga (Madagascar).   ©BNITM l Jean-Marc Kutz

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