Well-functioning and sustainable laboratory services are key components of strong health systems and crucial for improving public health and research capacities of countries. This is a tropEd accredited 2-week intensive course offered annually since 2019 aimed at describing the role of laboratory systems in strengthening health services and research capacity with a special focus on low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The emphasis is on explaining the structure and functions of laboratory systems and their effective and efficient management. Moreover, areas where laboratory systems overlap and/or complement health systems are being considered. The course uses interactive, simulation-based exercises, as well as laboratory- and computer-based practical sessions to complement the theoretical content. (LAB-SPHERE Application 2024 (

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Duration: 16.-27.09.2024


LABSPHERE participants during the course
LABSPHERE participants during the course   ©BNITM
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Integrated women’s health colposcopy and laboratory workshop in Madagascar (CoLab-Mad)

Improving women’s health is one of the key components for their development and empowerment, as stated in multiple sustainable development goals such as in the goals 5 and 3 and their aligned targets. Several diseases severely affecting women are found with a high burden in Madagascar.

On the one hand one of these conditions is Female Genital Schistosomiasis, a common chronic evolution of schistosomiasis, caused by the presence of S. haematobium eggs in genital tissues. The diagnosis is mostly done by visual colposcopy inspection of characteristic lesions (sandy patches) on the cervix and vaginal wall. On the other hand, Madagascar is one of the countries with the highest rate of cervical cancer worldwide with the highest cervical cancer related mortality in the region. Most cervical cancers are caused by the infection with high-risk human papillomavirus strains. This workshop aims to facilitate key techniques in the field of women’s health from colposcopy to HPV laboratory diagnosis taught by divers leading experts from clinicians and laboratory experts. To cater all needs, it is possible to participate in either the clinical track alone or the laboratory track alone. If desired, both tracks can be visited. The program includes one mixed introductory session of all participants from both tracks together. 


14th May – 21st May 2024


Workshop participation free of charge, travel, transport and housing fees are to be carried by the participant

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CoLab-Mad Flyer 2024
CoLab-Mad Flyer 2024   ©BNITM

Teaching and support

The staff of the Fusco group supports several teaching and training measures listed below:

Epidemiology & Control of Infectious Diseases in Outbreak Settings  (EPICID)- BNITM

Postgraduate Course in Global Health - University of Brescia

Course in Tropical Diseases and International Medicine 2023- Medicus Mundi Italy // University of Brescia 

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