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April 2024

Two islands, one goal: Diagnosis of Female Genital Schistosomiasis. Want to know more about our cooperations? Click here!

MARCH 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day with raising awareness for HPV - read more about our efforts this month in Madagascar here.


Interested in communicating NTD-science? Click here to read about the engagement of our group on the World NTD Day!

January 2024

Cervical cancer is preventable - click here to find out what our group contributes towards CC prevention in low resource settings!


Click here to read about a fascinating interview about migrants and schistosomiasis!

November 2023

Click here to learn more about our contributions at the international conference ECTMIH in Utrecht. We are looking forward to ECTMIH 2025 in Hamburg!

October 2023

Click here to read more about our commitment in the fight against female genital schistosomiasis!

September 2023

Click here to learn more about our first policy brief to boost the fight against schistosomiasis in Madagascar!

August 2023

Click here to read about our upcoming study about reproductive rights in Madagascar!

July 2023

Click here to read about some of our newest findings, presented at the KIT 2023 in Leipzig!

June 2023

Click here to read about the exiting and promising beginning of PEPRAMA

May 2023

Oktober 2022

Please enjoy some of our Pictures of the CCSM conference.

August 2022: Field report from RESAMP

Aaron Remkes gives a brief field report about the start of RESAMP (Reducing schistosomiasis through aquaculture interventions in Madagascar: a pilot study) in the rural region of Vatomandry, Madagascar.

July 2022 : Jean-Marc Kutz interviews Dr Zoly (_EduMad)

Dr. Zoly, a Malagasy specialist and researcher working in cooperation with the BNITM and the University Hospital of Mahajanga (Madagascar), is currently in Cologne (Germany) for an advanced training course in colposcopy in order to improve her knowledge to support innovative solutions to female genital schistosomiasis, a neglected tropical disease endemic in Madagascar. She shares with us her story and ambitions.

FIRM-UP is a nice story of research and cooperation

CCSM conference in Madagascar: Link to the conference page

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Daniela Fusco, Ph.D.: eine Forscherin vor dunklem Hintergrund, die ihre blonden schulterlangen Haar offen trägt.
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