Outbreak Preparedness and Response

Outbreak Preparedness and Response

Scientific staff wearing single use gloves and protective gear preparing samples for extraction. A pipette, an open box of pipette tips and a small bottle with liquid are on the laboratory bench.
A male Beninese rides a motorbike. Graffiti on the wall behind him says “wear a mask” and “Do not shake hands” in French. Next to that you see illustrations of hands using sanitizer, a female Beninese wearing a mask and a handshake with a red cross over it.
A scientific staff wearing personal protective gear using a pipette to load a sample into a sequencing device.

Our group (OPR) is dedicated to strengthening both stationary and mobile laboratory capacities for viral hemorrhagic fevers and other outbreak-prone viral diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our broad laboratory expertise, encompassing diagnostics, serology, field sequencing and quality assurance management, aims to offer a global solution to prepare for and rapidly respond to the emergence of pathogens in endemic countries. We are also actively involved in providing laboratory support to large epidemiological studies and clinical trials.


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Das Foto zeigt eine sebstbewusste junge Forscherin mit langen braunen Haaren und grüner Bluse. Sie steht vor einer grünen Baumreihe und lächtelt.
Research Group Leader

Dr. Sophie Duraffour

Telefon: +49 40 285380-641

Fax: +49 40 285380-941

E-Mail: duraffour@bnitm.de

Outbreak Preparedness and Response

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