Our research projects at a glance

Pathogenesis of viral hemorrhagic fevers

To study the pathogenesis of viral hemorrhagic fevers caused by e.g. Lassa Virus, Ebola Virus, Crimean-Congo-Hemorrhagic...

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Structure and Biochemistry of the Replication Machinery of Bunyaviruses

We combine structural biology with biochemistry to understand the molecular and structural mechanisms...

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Outbreak Response, Ebola and subsequent research activities

Establishment of Mobile Laboratories for Pathogens up to Risk Group 4 in Combination with...

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Rodent control to prevent Lassa fever

As part of the LAROCS (Lassa Fever in Guinea and Sierra Leone: rodent control, and seasonality of human exposure to rodents)...

Development of new methods of serological assays in clinical virology

Our research is dedicated to applied and basic aspects of haemorrhagic fevervirus (VHF) biology.

Highly variable viruses: HIV-1 and Dengue Virus

We investigate how highly variable viruses like HIV-1 and Dengue infect their target cells, how N-glycans influence...

The European Virus Archive (EVA)

The European Virus Archive expanded from a European to a global organization and now also includes joint research activities...

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Abteilung Virologie

Direktes freundliches Portrait von Stephan Günther
Leitung Abteilung Virologie

Prof. Dr. Stephan Günther

Telefon: +49 40 285380-547

Fax: +49 40 285380-931

E-Mail: guenther@bnitm.de

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