Research Group Medical Anthropology

Research Group Medical Anthropology

Comic-collage with scenes of a disease outbreak presumably in Africa.
Bats in the sky of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Several men are standing outside at a veranda, one is sitting on a bench writing something in a notepad.
The picture shows a worn-out Ebola certificate.
Window at Beni Centre de santé Boikene


The research group explores the co-production of societies and epidemics. In particular, we aim to develop an anthropological perspective on epidemics and pandemics, asking how epidemics (or pandemics) become global socio-political crises. The working group conducts ethnographic research on Ebola outbreaks, the Covid-19 pandemic, AMR and planetary health in various African countries. 

Portrait of a male person of color with glasses and dark hair pulled back, wearing a blue shirt.
Research Group Leader

Dr. Sung-Joon (Song) Park

Telefon: +49 40 285380-711


Research Group Medical Anthropology

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