Past projects

Trust in Medicine during Ebola epidemics” (2016-2022)

together with Ulrike Beisel (FU Berlin), S Spencer (Fourah Bay College, Freetown), E Mukowa (Njala U), G Akello (Gulu University), J Ganle (Accra University);

funded by the Germany Research Foundation “German-African Collaborations in Infectiology”.


“Humanising the Design of the Ebola response in the DRC” (2019-2020)

together with N. Morisho (Pole Institute, Goma)

funded by R2HC of Elhra, Wellkom Trust, DFID, and NIH


Summer schoolFrom disasters to planetary care: The August 2017 mudslide in Sierra Leone and what it means to become accountable in the Anthropocene” (2019)

together with Sylvanus Spencer (Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone), Susan Erikson, (Simon Fraser University, Canada);

Funded by the VW Foundation

Research Group Medical Anthropology

The picture shows a middle-aged Asian or Asian seen male researcher with slight beard, shoulder-length hair and black-rimmed glasses.
AG Medical Anthropology

Dr. Sung-Joon (Song) Park

Telefon: +49 40 285380 711


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