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Anna Meisinger   ©Jacqueline Häußler

Anna Meisinger

Research Assistant

I have always placed a high value on interdisciplinary approaches, which is why I initially pursued a "studium generale" at the Leibniz Kolleg in Tübingen before studying socio-cultural anthropology and psychology at the University of Hamburg.
As a socio-cultural anthropologist, my primary focus lies in examining how individuals use social media to navigate their divergence from societal norms and cope with experiences of being othered, whether it's due to disability, queerness, racialization, class, or other factors.
During my semester abroad at the University of Toronto Scarborough, I developed a deep appreciation for the disability justice framework and the importance of lived experiences in the production of knowledge.
Currently, I am working on my bachelor's thesis, exploring the intersection of disability studies and food studies. Specifically, I am investigating the phenomenon of "safe foods" as an example of disability expertise.

Research interests: Mad Studies, Disability Justice, disability expertise, neurodivergence, patient role, queerness, digital communities, and Food Studies.

E-Mail: anna.meisinger@bnitm.de






Research Group Medical Anthropology

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