Research and Development

The focus of the Research and Development group is the performance of studies on human communicable diseases (of humans). The concept includes the planning, preparation, supervision, performance and analysis of observational studies and clinical trials, combining classical, molecular and clinical epidemiology. Focus diseases are malaria, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, sepsis, neglected tropical diseases (NTD) and co-infections in resource-poor settings. The group is interested in the development, evaluation and application of advanced diagnostics of infectious diseases, integration of electronic surveillance, definition of health priorities, and the analysis of the pathogens and their transmission conditions. The latter includes the analysis of genetic, environmental, socio-economic, demographic, and spatio-temporal risk factors on the host site as well as influence factors of the pathogens and vectors. The superior aim is the translation of results to implementation of diagnostics, treatment, prevention and capacity building in endemic countries. The studies are mainly performed together with the Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research (KCCR), the Ghana School of Public Health of the University of Ghana and different hospitals and communities in the Ashanti Region. Other cooperation partners are in many other African countries as well as in Vietnam and Laos.

Overview - Teams world wide

The department of infectious disease epidemiology consists of an assembly of international teams spread throughout the world.

Team Hamburg is part of the Bernhard Nocht Insitute for Tropical Medicine and also the headquarters of the department. Its focus is Research & Development as well as International Teaching & Capacity Building.

Team Kumasi is based at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR), Ghana, as well as at the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital and other hospitals, where most of our clinical studies are conducted.

Team Arusha is located in Arusha, Tanzania, and is mainly working within the East African Community (EAC) to establish a sustainable laboratory infrastructure and response network across East Africa.

Team Tanga is based at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in Tanga, as well as at the Magunga District Hospital in Korogwe, Tanzania.

Team Antananarivo is based at the University of Antananarivo at the Laboratoire de Microbiologie et de Parasitologie Université Antananarive (LMPUA) in Madagascar and is contributing to our research projects as well.

Team Vientiane is located at the Lao Tropical and Public Health Institute (Lao TPHI) in Vientiane, Laos

Team Hué is based at the Hué University of Medicine and Pharmacy (HUMP) in Vietnam

Zu sehen sind die internationalen Standorte der Abteilung Infektionsepidemiologie in Deutschland, Ghana, Tansania, Madagaskar, Laos und Vietnam

Projects and Studies

Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

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