Alumni, Guests and Friends

Alumni, Guests and Friends

Gruppe von Alumnis im Brückenübergang des Insituts bei Sonnenlicht.

This webpage is under construction. Soon you will be able to click on the teaser, see below, to get more information. For now, please contact our Alumni Networkmanager, Nassim Behjat.

We would like to welcome our friends and colleagues from across the world to join the BNITM Alumni Network. Our aim is to connect to all of our Alumni. Those, who would like to stay in touch and be kept informed about the latest news within the BNITM and across the alumni community. Do you want to participate and engage in our program?

Register now and enjoy the benefits of the BNITM Alumni Network.

Executive Assistant to the Board

Dr Anneke Novak-Funk

phone: +49 40 285380-266