Service specifications and Examination orders 

Please note that we do not perform examinations of private individuals; please contact your attending physician.


Examination orders (Only in German)


Service specifications (Only in German)



Please contact us if desired services are not listed in the list of services.

Services for patients with statutory health insurance are provided by the Institute's Medical Care Centre (MVZ).

Shipments from countries outside the EU: Please announce the sample material by e-mail prior to sending ( and We recommend using a suitable express shipping service provider for shipping and for handling the export and import processes.

Please note that specimens with suspected viral hemorrhagic fever must be notfied prior sending by telephone (phone +49 40 285380-0).


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Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine

Consultation for physicians only

Patients should contact their attending physician's office.

Consultation on diagnostic procedure


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Medical management

Prof. Dr Stephan Günther

Prof. Dr Dennis Tappe

Specialists in Microbiology, Virology & Infectious Disease Epidemiology