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Special laboratories and pathogen detection

LOGO NRZ Blue globe with symbols in white. In addition, the name of the centre in black letters around it: National Reference Centre for Tropical Infectious Agents.©NRZ

National Reference Center

The BNITM houses the National Reference Centre for Tropical pathogens (NRZ), appointed by the Robert Koch Institute on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health.

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The WHO logo is shown on a blue background. An Asclepius staff in front of a world map with a wreath in white. Below, in white lettering, WHO Collaborating Centre for Arbovirus and Haemorrhagic Fever Reference and Research.©WHOCC

WHO Collaborating Centre

BNITM hosts the WHO Collaborating Center for Arboviruses and Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses (WHOCC).

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Logo Bornaviruses Consultant Laboratory: In the left part of the logo, the word Konsiliarlabor (Consultant Laboratory) is written in blue, and in a second row it stands for Bornaviruses. Below this is a blue line from which, in the right part of the image, a viral envelope wraps around the schematic grey representation of a brain.©BNITM

Bornavirus consiliary laboratory

BNITM houses the Bornavirus consiliary laboratory.

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A microscopic image of monkeypox is shown. In the lower part of the image, you can see an accumulation of four, roundish, grey-black viruses,©BNITM

Mpox virus

BNITM provides molecular pathogen diagnostics for suspected Mpox virus (MPXV) infection.

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Rickettsia diagnostics - Indirect immunofluorescence©BNITM

Tick-bite fever and spotted fever

The BNITM provides various molecular biological and serological detection methods for the diagnosis of tick-bite fever and spotted fever.

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A microscopic image of the bornavirus in a sample is shown. On the right-hand side, two rounded bornaviruses are visible in a brown-reddish colour.©BNITM

Bornavirus diagnostics

BNITM provides diagnostic methods for acute encephalitis caused by BoDV-1 and VSBV-1.

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Pathogen detection in tissue: Microscopically visible parasite (components) [left: Head anlagen of the three-limbed dog tapeworm (Echninococcus granulosus); middle: Tongue worm (Armillifer armillatus) cross-section; right: nematode (Halicephalobus) in the brain].©BNITM

Special pathogen detection in tissue

The National Reference Center for Tropical Pathogens provides molecular biological methods for the detection of pathogens in tissues.

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