Create capacities

How can the necessary conditions for research in the tropics be established?

Modern training with innovative techniques

The BNITM regards interdisciplinary education, the development of junior staff and further training of students, scientists, doctors and other medical specialists in the field of clinical tropical medicine as a central concern. The BNITM's long-standing strengths include the close interconnectedness between science, teaching and health care in the institute, the experience gained in capacity-building programmes in the countries of the global South and an established partner network in these countries.


Several people with VR glasses. A man with his glasses pushed up speaks to the group
Simulation of scenarios with 3D technology - Innovative training is a key to future research cooperation.   ©BNITM

Sound training of local staff in research and health care in low-income countries is a prerequisite for successful and sustainable improvement of health care and research structures. In this context, the BNITM has set itself the goal of expanding its leading position in the field of capacity building in clinical tropical medicine and infection research.

To this end, existing international training programmes on biosafety, infection diagnostics and epidemiology will be expanded, including the tried and tested BNITM computer learning platform. All teaching content and lecture recordings will be made available online on the BNITM computer learning platform and thus form an element of the online teaching materials.

Zudem etabliert das BNITM neue PhD- und Fellowship-Programme, um Studierenden und Wissenschaftler(inne)n aus den Partnerländern Zugang zur tropenmedizinischen Aus- und Weiterbildung zu erleichtern und ihre akademischen Perspektiven zu verbessern. Bereits bestehende Kurse zur medizinischen Weiterbildung werden an moderne Anforderungen angepasst und noch internationaler ausgerichtet.