Mpox virus (MPXV)

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The BNITM offers molecular pathogen diagnostics in cases of suspected infection with the Mpox virus (MPXV) (viral examination order (only in German). Samples from skin lesions (vesicles, pustules, crust material) and EDTA whole blood can be analysed for the pathogen by PCR. Depending on the pattern of spread and localisation of the lesions, chickenpox and syphilis can be considered as the main differential diagnosis.

Please note the regulations on sample shipment. Infectious mpoxvirus specimens (patient specimens from confirmed cases and virus cultures) are dangerous goods and must be shipped as UN2814 transport. ONLY specimens for exclusion diagnostics may be shipped as dangerous goods UN3373 Cat B in compliance with the dangerous goods packaging guidelines.

Current information on the outbreak can be found, for example, on the ECDC website or on the RKI website (only in German).


A microscopic image of monkeypox is shown. In the lower part of the image, an accumulation of four, roundish, grey-black viruses can be seen.
Electron microscope image of Mpox   ©BNITM


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