Next-Generation Sequencing Core Facility


The NGS Core Facility is an integrated unit of BNITM that provides NGS support and is now an integral part of the method scope for many research projects at BNITM and is used routinely. The unit operates several next-generation sequencers using Illumina synthesis sequencing technology, including NextSeq2000, NextSeq550, MiSeq and iSeq100, and maintains a fully equipped laboratory and qualified staff capable of performing a variety of sequencing applications from sample preparation to sequencing. The unit actively supports the planning and execution of these projects. We have established different workflows and pipelines for sample preparation to increase throughput and minimise technical variations. By centralising equipment and expertise, we have increased the efficiency and quality of the data generated. Library preparation for various applications is supported by a robust instrument infrastructure and closed laboratory system (e.g. Covaris, Bioanalyzer, Qubit, Pippin Prep, qPCR and more). The NGS unit offers various analyses in single or paired-end sequencing mode, including multiplexing libraries.


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Example of One Health metagenomic/metatranscriptomic pipeline developed for virus discovery.   ©Dániel Cadar (created with
[Translate to English:] Zu sehen ist die Next-Generation Sequencing (NSG) Einheit des BNITM. Im Vordergrund steht ein großer weißer Kasten auf einem Tisch. in der Mitte verläuft ein breiter Leuchtstreifen, der in rosa-lila leuchtet. Oben sieht man einen großen Bildschirm, mit der Schrift estimated completion 18:26. Im Hintergrund stehen weitere Laborgeräte auf Tischen
illumina der Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Einheit des BNITM   ©BNITM


The method portfolio includes standardised workflows and pipelines for various NGS applications:

  • Viral metagenomics and metatranscriptomics: RNA-Seq/DNA-Seq.
  • Complete transcriptome sequencing: Total RNA-Seq, mRNA
  • Insect genome sequencing
  • Exome sequencing
  • Discovery of small non-coding RNAs: ncRNA-Seq.
  • Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis: methyl/BS-Seq.
  • De novo sequencing and re-sequencing of genomic DNA.
  • Targeted enrichment and sequencing (Sequence Capture).
  • Single-cell genomic applications (scRNA-Seq, scDNA-Seq).
  • 16S metagenomic sequencing
  • miRNA and small RNA analysis
  • Long-range amplicon sequencing


Lab Group Cadar

Dr. Dániel Cadar: ein Forscher, der ein blau-weiß kariertes Hemd trägt und eine Glatze hat.
Research Group Leader

Dr Dániel Cadar

phone: +49 40 285380-840

fax: +49 40 285380-400


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