Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are a group of diseases that cause substantial illness primarily among the world’s poorest populations. Lacking a strong political voice, people affected by these tropical diseases have a low profile and status in public health priorities. Awareness-raising initiatives play a crucial role in mobilizing greater attention, action and investment in the fight against NTDs. The NTD series is an initiative aimed at fueling partnerships and promoting awareness on NTDs through multi sectoral communication. It includes a series of webinars conducted as specialist facilitated debates. The main target sectors are the academia and the non-governmental organizations working on different aspects of global health. The group has the urgent priority to address the humanitarian aspects of NTDs, showing and discovering together how research can positively impact on humanitarian disasters. 


Calendar 2021:

-   Chagas – Coordinator: Valentina Marchese/Cattedra Unesco on the world Chagas day14th of April

-   Clinical and operational research on NTDs in endemic areas - Coordinator: Valentina Mangano/UniPi  – on the international day of the tropics29th of June

- The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on NTD control and elimination – Coordinator: Francesco Castelli/UNESCO Chair 20th of October 2021

-   The ONE HEALTH approach in the fight against NTDs. - Coordinator: Stefania Varani/UniBo– on the ONE HEALTH DAY 3rd of November

-   NTD day – Coordinator: Daniela Fusco/BNITM – on the world NTD day 30th of January

Ein Bild eines Zoom Meeting mit 7 Teilnehmer:innen, alle mit Bildern zu sehen. Im Hintergrund der meisten Teilnehmer sieht man angedeutet das Zuhause. Alle Teilnehmer:innen schauen in die Kamera und unterhalten sich.
NTD-series group picture of zoom conference 2021.   ©Daniela Fusco

Laborgruppe Fusco

Daniela Fusco, Ph.D.: eine Forscherin vor dunklem Hintergrund, die ihre blonden schulterlangen Haar offen trägt.
Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

PhD Daniela Fusco

phone: +49 40 285380-504


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