NGS Core Facility


The NGS Core Facility is a recently established and integrated unit of the BNITM which provides its NGS support to all research groups of the Institute and external collaborators. The Core Facility operates several next-generation sequencers using sequencing-by-synthesis technology from Illumina, including NextSeq2000, NextSeq550, MiSeq and iSeq100, and maintains a fully equipped lab and staff able to perform a variety of sequencing applications - from sample preparation to data analysis. The NGS Facility was founded to help researchers process DNA and RNA samples in an efficient and economical manner. We have established several workflows and pipelines for the sample preparation to increase the throughput and minimize technical variation. By centralizing equipment and expertise, we have dramatically reduced the overall expense to the scientific community, while increasing the efficiency and quality of the data generated. Preparation of libraries for various applications is supported by a robust instrumentation infrastructure and closed system laboratory (e.g. Covaris, Bioanalyzer, Qubit, Pippin Prep, qPCR, and more). The NGS Core provides several analyses in a single- or a pair-end sequencing mode, including multiplexing libraries:

  • Viral metagenomics and metatranscriptomics: RNA-Seq/DNA-Seq
  • Genome-wide location analysis of nucleic acid-protein interactions - ChIP-Seq, CLIP-Seq
  • Whole Transcriptome sequencing: RNA-Seq
  • Insects genome sequencing
  • Discovery of small non-coding RNAs: ncRNA-Seq.
  • Exome sequencing
  • Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis: Methyl/BS-Seq.
  • De novo sequencing and re-sequencing of genomic DNA.
  • Targeted enrichment and sequencing (sequence capture).
  • Single-cell genomic applications (scRNA-Seq, scDNA-Seq)
  • 16S Metagenomic Sequencing
  • miRNA and Small RNA Analysis
  • Long-Range Amplicon Sequencing
A laboratory with several machines


  • Dr  Dániel Cadar
  • Laboratory Manager
  • phone: +49 40 285380-840
  • fax: +49 40 285380-400
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