First digital LCI Summer School with the topic "Molecular biology of pathogens"

At the first digital Summer School of the Leibniz Center Infection on the topic "Molecular biology of pathogens", PhD students from the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM), the Research Center Borstel - Leibniz Lung Center (FZB) and the Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology (HPI) came together for a two-day digital meeting to exchange ideas on current topics in infection biology.

From June 3-4, 2021, LCI PhD students learned about the research priorities of the various institutes and the research of their colleagues. In "Speed Talks", 22 PhD students presented their research to each other in lively, well-prepared short talks, of which the three best talks were awarded prizes at the end of the event: The first place went to Pit Engling from the FZB, the second place to Konstantin von Stromberg from the HPI and the third place to Cari Lehmann from the BNITM.


The picture shows the split screen of an online conference with the participants' pictures.
Participants of the first digital LCI Summer School   ©BNITM

In addition, experienced scientists from the respective institutes presented their research in lectures. Volker Heussler from the Institute of Cell Biology at the University of Bern was recruited for the keynote lecture, reporting on molecular approaches to malaria.

Finally, the participants of the Summer School were asked to become active themselves in workshops: Together they worked on various scientific questions and then presented their results.

The image shows a screen shot of a graphical representation of tissue.
Lecture of the first digital LCI Summer School on "Molecular biology of pathogen".   ©BNITM
The picture shows a screen shot of a graphical representation
Lecture of the first digital LCI Summer School on "Molecular biology of pathogen".   ©BNITM

Away from the scientific programme, there were many opportunities for further exchange, getting to know each other and developing new ideas at a digital joint dinner on the first evening:

For example, there was a virtual pub where keynote speaker Volker Heussler as well as renowned scientist Marylyn Addo and junior research group leader Maria Rosenthal reported on their own scientific career paths. Finally, a selection of online games, such as an Escape Room, a Chocolate Tasting and the game "Code Names", brought the day to a convivial close.

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