Identification of active substances with antiviral activity

The joint project aims to identify potential drug candidates against COVID-19 using a novel X-ray crystallographic screening approach. In the so-called X-ray screening, researchers under the leadership of DESY are rapidly testing thousands of active substances that already exist for the treatment of other diseases. With the measurement, the research team aims to identify the samples that bind to proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that are essential for virus replication.

Within the multidisciplinary consortium, BNITM will analyze these samples identified at DESY for their antiviral activity (in vitro). The best drug candidates that most effectively inhibit viral replication in the laboratory could in turn be the basis for a drug against COVID-19. The advantage, due to the already existing drug approval, these most promising drug candidates would be immediately available for preclinical and clinical studies.

Project coordinator at BNITM: Dr Yaiza Fernández-García (Department of Virology)