Department for Clinical Immunology of Infectious Diseases

Department for Clinical Immunology of Infectious Diseases

Zu sehen ist die Gruppe von jungen Forscher:innen und ihrer Gruppeleiterin bei einem Gruppenfoto. Sie schauen alle freundlich Richtung Bildbetrachter
Zu sehen sind zwei Forscherinnen in einem Labor in blauer Schutzkleidung. Die Forscherin im Vordergrund schaut mit beiden Augen in ein Mikroskop.


The focus of our laboratory is to investigate and develop vaccine strategies for infections with emerging viruses such as Ebola virus and the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus and other clinically relevant viruses (including HIV, HBV).

We are also interested in natural immunity to viral infections and hope to gain insight into basic principles of immune protection with a special focus on cellular immunology.


An expierienced researcher looking friendly at the camera
Head of Department

Prof. Dr Marylyn M. Addo

phone: +49 40 42818-420


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