Research Highlights 11.11.2022

Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine intensifies One Health research

Holistic infection research considers humans, animals, habitats, climate and environmental conditions in context. The Bernhard Nocht…

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Research Highlights 16.08.2022

Combination drug against malaria

Neue Malariamedikamente werden meist nur für die Malaria tropica getestet, nicht aber für andere Malariaerreger. Verfügbare Präparate finden…

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Research Highlights 20.05.2022

The immune system: How are mosquitoes coping with their viruses?

Why can mosquitoes transmit certain viruses to humans (arboviruses) and not others (insect-specific viruses)? To find out, the research…

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Research Highlights 09.03.2022

Malaria parasites compensate the fitness cost of resistance to the frontline drug artemisinin

A new study on nutrient permeable channels (NPCs) in the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane of malaria parasites highlights the permeability…

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