Professional Events 21.11.2023

Tag der Reisegesundheit

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Professional Events 04.11.2022

Meeting on Snakebite Envenoming


Join the the first scientific meeting organised by our newly established Snakebite Poisoning Research Group. Venue: Historical Lecture Hall…

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Professional Events 30.08.2022

Epidemiology & Control of Diseases in Outbreak Settings (EPICID)

11th to 29th November 2024

This is a 3-week intensive course on the principles and methods of epidemiology and the way these inform the control of infectious diseases…

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Professional Events 29.08.2022

Laboratory Systems and Public Health in Resource-Limited Settings (LAB-SPHERE)

16th to 27th September 2024

This course prepares you to work with Laboratory Systems and Public Health Infrastructures in Resource-Limited Settings.
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Professional Events 04.07.2022

Conference on Schistosomiasis Control Strategies in Madagascar (CCSM)


On 21 October 2022 we are delighted to welcome you all to CCSM, the first Malagasy conference on schistosomiasis. Antananarivo, as the…

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Professional Events 02.02.2023

Malaria Meeting 2023

23 March, 10 am - 24 March, 4 pm

The Malaria Meeting has developed into a scientific event that is respected beyond the borders of Germany, where both clinicians and…

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Professional Events 02.06.2022

LCI Summer School

02.05. - 05.05.2022

For the first time since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the Summer School of the Leibniz Center Infection (LCI) took place again…

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Professional Events 24.04.2022

14th Summer School for Young Parasitologists

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Professional Events 10.01.2022

LCI-Symposium 2022

27.01. - 28.03.2022

At this year's LCI Symposium "Epigenetics & Memory in Infection & Immunity", a total of four keynote lectures and 14 presentations…

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