Press releases 28.03.2023

Better infection diagnostics through spin-off at BNITM

Hamburg, 28 March 2023 - Scientists with entrepreneurial spirit: Researchers at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM)…

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Press releases 17.03.2023

Malaria experts present latest research results

Shortly before World Malaria Day, malaria experts will present the latest research results on drugs, vaccines, immunology, epidemiology and…

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Professional Events 28.02.2023

International CSSB Symposium

03.05. - 05.05.2023

The CSSB Symposium 2023 will focus on the biology of infections and highlight different key cellular processes leading to pathogen…

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Announcements 22.02.2023

Living with Ebola

The recent Ebola outbreaks in West and East Africa appear to be linked to previous outbreaks in the region. This is what molecular…

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Press releases 16.02.2023

Detect and manage disease outbreaks at an early stage

Hamburg / Riems / Berlin, 16 February 2023 - High summer temperatures, mild winters, changing precipitation: Climate change is increasing…

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Announcements 15.02.2023

Mirjam Groger receives Wolfgang Stille Science Award

The physician and scientist Dr Mirjam Groger will receive the prestigious Wolfgang Stille Prize 2022. With this award, the PEG honours her…

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Announcements 10.02.2023

Promising viral targets for a broad-spectrum virostatic agent

The BMBF junior research group led by Dr Maria Rosenthal at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM) has gained new…

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Professional Events 01.02.2023

Basic seminar travel medicine 2022

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Research Highlights 31.01.2023

First scientific study on snakebites in Malawi provides important epidemiological data

When it comes to snakebites, three things count: speed, well-trained medical staff and an effective antivenom. The first study on snakebite…

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Press releases 28.01.2023

Symposium zum Thema “Compartments in Infection

Auf dem diesjährigen LCI-Symposium „Compartments in Infection wurden neuste wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zur Rolle von Nischen im Körper…

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Professional Events 22.01.2023

Global-Partnership-Initiated-Biosecurity-Academia for Controlling Health Threats (GIBACHT)

21.04. - 31.01.2024

GIBACHT is an educational programme established and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. The training programme focuses on…

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Press releases 20.01.2023

Cell compartments as niches for survival of infectious agents in the body

Hamburg, 20.01.2023 – The diverse strategies of infectious pathogens to survive and multiply in the host and how we could use these…

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Public Events 10.01.2023

Forschen, Heilen, Lehren 2023


Einmal im Quartal stellt das Bernhard-Nocht-Institut für Tropenmedizin seine Arbeit der Öffentlichkeit vor. Gäste erhalten einen Überblick…

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Professional Events 01.01.2023

Leibniz Center Infection Symposium 2023

January 26-27, 2023

This year's LCI Symposium "Compartments in Infection" will be held at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine on January 26th –…

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